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Care Fund

Community Care Fund - Elderly Dental Service Subsidy Project

“Community Care Fund-Elderly Dental Service Subsidy Project” It subsidizes needy low-income elderly people to receive removable dentures and other dental services related to removable dentures. Eligible elders can receive free removable dentures and other subsidy for dental treatment services related to removable dentures, including Oral examination, Teeth cleaning, Filling, tooth removal, X-ray examination, Removal of a dental bridge or crown and Root canal treatment  service.

Dr. Eric Chan Ho Yin Excelsior Dental Centre has applied to be a sponsor of this funded project “Care Clinic” provides dental services to eligible elderly people. If you would like to receive the “Community Care Fund-Elderly Dental Service Subsidy Project” at our clinic, please contact us to inquire about the application method or refer to Community Care Fund

Please note: After receiving dental services for the first time, appointments with other participating dentists will not be arranged. Simply put, you cannot change your primary dentist once your treatment has begun.Please patiently choose a dental clinic that suits your needs.Instructions for Applicants to Expand Project Funding Scope


Elderly people participating in the program need to:
* Service users aged 60 or above who are receiving “Integrated Home Care Services” or “Enhanced Home and Community Care Services” subsidized by the Social Welfare Department and paying Level 1 or Level 2 charges, but are not integrated social services users Protection assistance recipients (Note: Applicants who meet this qualification must apply for this project through screening and referral by the participating Integrated Home Care Service Team/Improved Home and Community Care Service Team);
* Beneficiaries aged 65 or above who have been receiving Old Age Living Allowance for the last three consecutive months (Note: Applicants who meet this qualification must receive it directly through participating elderly centers/community centers/direct Screening and referral of applied dental clinics to apply for this project);

* Those who have never benefited from the Community Care Fund’s “Elderly Dental Service Subsidy” project; (including those who have not participated in the project through the Integrated Home Care Service Team, Improved Home and Community Care Service Team, Home Helper Team, Elderly Center, Community Center, Directly accepting referrals from dental clinics to apply for this project) * Elderly persons aged 75 or above who have received dental services under the project five years ago or earlier (only applicable to applicants for second time services); * Have never benefited from the “Dental Outreach Service Program for the Elderly” of the Department of Health; * Those who have lost all or part of their teeth or suffer from dental disease, and have difficulties in eating or chewing food in daily life, and are willing to accept this subsidy project Subsidization of dental services and diagnosis and treatment.

How to participate?

* Eligible elders need to bring the required documents and go to the regional service unit of this project to apply in person. Through the service unit, they can choose their favorite “caring dentist” and arrange their first dental consultation.
* Eligible elders who are using home care services can contact their service team to arrange application.

Required application documents:
*Original copy of applicant’s ID card
* Documents showing the amount of “Old Age Living Allowance” deposited into the bank account every month for the last 3 consecutive months. (e.g. Bank passbook or bank statement, etc.)
* Proof of address

Eligible elders who are using home care services can contact their respective service teams to arrange application.

Instructions for Seniors After Denture Placement – Download Information