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Oral & Maxillofacial

Surgical Removal of Impacted / Wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth usually come in around the age of 17-25. Impacted wisdom tooth refers to the condition that the tooth will be blocked from erupting completely in the mouth by the permanent second molars or the surrounding bone and gums due to the smaller jaw space.

The impacted wisdom tooth needs to be removed as they are causing infection, swelling of the face, severe pain, and temperature. For some more complex situations, they will cause gum problems and cavities of the teeth in front.

The standard treatment for impacted wisdom teeth is minor oral surgery to remove the wisdom. As the location of the impacted wisdom teeth is close to blood vessels and nerves, it is better to have the treatment done by experienced dentists or oral maxilla-facial surgeons, some patients may need to have a coronectomy treatment to avoid damaging the nerves.